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Prospective Students

James L. Hollis Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

This award has been given annually since 1971. The Engineering Honors and Awards Committee make the selection based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation in course development, laboratory development, and classroom instruction;
  • Well-respected by students and colleagues; and
  • Demonstrated competence and enthusiasm for instruction.

Materials to be submitted (adopted from Presidential Award Guidelines) to the Dean’s office:

  1. Nomination letter from the DH that describes in detail why the nominee is deserving of this award.  Include information on the teaching load of the candidate, their involvement in departmental course/curriculum activities and/or teaching innovations, and demonstrated excellence in teaching.
  2. Nominee's current curriculum vitae.
  3. Summary of undergraduate courses taught within the last two years (include title and short description of course, along with number of students enrolled).
  4. Student evaluations (as administered by the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning) from at least two, but not more than three, undergraduate courses taught within the last three semesters. If a nominee has taught any large freshman/sophomore course within the last three semesters, those evaluations should be submitted. Student comments should also be included along with the numerical evaluation summary.
  5. Paragraph from nominee on his/her teaching philosophy
  6. Up to three letters of support from students.
  7. List of contributions made by the nominee to the teaching field within the last two years (one-page limit) [This may include scholarly presentations and publications; innovative and imaginative teaching/presentation materials and/or methods;  …].

James L. Hollis Award Nomination Form

Current Recipient

Jennifer AnthonyJennifer Anthony, CHE

This year’s recipient is Jennifer Anthony, associate professor in the Tim Taylor Department of Chemical Engineering.

  • Anthony was the 2012 and 2015 recipient of the chemical engineering student-selected Most Approachable Professor Award.
  • She received the 2014 chemical engineering Seniors Award recognizing the senior students' selection as their most impactful professor.

Comments from a student:

  • "Dr. Anthony's enthusiasm for teaching engineering subjects is demonstrated through her creative examples and real-world problems she brings to lectures."

Past Recipients

Lisa R. Wilken, BAE, 2017
Bruce R. Babin, MNE, 2016
Ronaldo G. Maghirang, BAE, 2015
Kevin Wanklyn, MNE, 2014
Asad Esmaeily, CE, 2013
Keith Hohn, CHE, 2012
Fred Hasler, ARE/CNS, 2011
Hayder Rasheed, CE, 2010
Todd Easton, IMSE, 2009
Julia Keen, ARE/CNS, 2008
Bruce R. Babin, MNE, 2007
James E. DeVault, EECE, 2006
David A. Pacey, MNE, 2005
Yacoub M. Najjar, CE, 2004
Steven J. Eckels, MNE, 2003
Larry A. Glasgow, CHE, 2002
William B. Kuhn, EECE, 2001
Ronaldo G. Maghirang, BAE, 2000
Michael N. Hafling, ARE/CNS, 1999
David A. Pacey, MNE, 1998
Carl O. Riblett, ARE/CNS, 1997
Ruth A. Dyer, EECE, 1996
Robert R. Snell, CE, 1995
Larry A. Glasgow, CHE, 1994
John C. Matthews, CHE, 1993
Robert L. Gorton, ME, 1992
Medhat M. Morcos, EECE, 1991
Allan P. Goodman, ARE/CNS, 1990
Peter B. Cooper, CE, 1989
Bradley A. Kramer, IE, 1988
Gary L. Johnson, EECE, 1987
Richard E. Faw, NE, 1986
Charles L. Burton, ARE/CNS, 1985
Arthur R. Vaughan, ET, 1984
Muthuraj Vaithianathan, IE, 1983
Cecil H. Best, CE, 1982
Donald R. Hummels, EE, 1981
Charles R. Bissey, ARE/CNS, 1980
Edwin C. Lindly, ARE/CNS, 1979
Richard R. Gallagher, EE, 1978
Robert E. Crank, ME, 1977
Kuo-Kuang Hu, CE, 1976
Hermann J. Donnert, NE, 1975
Doris L. Grosh, IE, 1975
J. Fred Merklin, NE, 1974
Ted O. Hodges, AGE, 1973
Clyde H. Sprague, ME, 1972
Michael S. P. Lucas, EE, 1971