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Carl R. Ice College of Engineering

Carl R. Ice
College of Engineering

1046 Rathbone Hall
1701B Platt St.
Manhattan, KS 66506

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CAREER Award Winners

Principal Investigator Start DateAmountTitle
Chemical Engineering
Placidus Amama2017$520,000CAREER: Rational Design of Efficient Carbon Nanotube-Supported Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysts for Air Purification
Ryan Hansen2020$555,166CAREER: Understanding bacteria encapsulation, proliferation and release in photodegradable hydrogel materials
Civil Engineering
Alok Bhandari*1999$222,000CAREER: Engineered Humification Processes: An Innovative Approach to Remediate Hazardous Waste Sites
Computer Science    
Pavithra Prabhakar2016$466,681CAREER: Robust Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems
Eugene Vasserman2013$499,020CAREER: Safety and security for next-generation world-scale real-time medical systems
Robby 2007$400,000 CAREER: A Formal, Integrated Analysis Framework for Contract-based Reasoning of Strong Properties of Open Systems 
Scott DeLoach2004$450,000 CAREER: Autonomous Reorganization of Cooperative Robotic Teams for Robustness 
Daniel Andresen 2001$222,570 CAREER: DESPOT: Enhanced Dynamic Process Management for Beowulf Clusters on the Grid 
John Hatcliff1998$130,700CAREER: A Partial Evaluation Tool Set for Automatically Customizing Adaptable Software
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Behrooz Mirafzal 2014$400,000 CAREER:Toward Grid-Interactive Converters with Diagnostic, Remedial, and Lifetime Prognostic Features for the Next Generation of Power Grids 
Steven Warren 2001$381,000 CAREER: Beyond Telemedicine: Realizing a Proactive Home Health Care Delivery Model Through Research and Education in Plug-and-Play Components and Novel Sensors 
William Kuhn 1999$227,447 CAREER: Combining Research and Education in Developing Fully Integrated Wireless Transceivers 
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Jessica Heier Stamm2017$500,000CAREER: Measuring the Impact of Public Health Supply Chain Coordination Structures on the Effectiveness of Disaster Preparedness and Response
Shuting Lei2002$399,000CAREER: Design and Development of Novel Responsive Cutting Tools for Laser-Assisted Machining and Diagnosis of Structural Ceramics: A Research Integrated Education Career Landscape
Dong Lin2020$500,000CAREER: Bio-Inspired Manufacturing of High Strength, High Toughness Metal-Graphene Composites
Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
Melanie Derby2017$500,000CAREER: Altering Transient Soil Evaporation Mechanisms through Hydrophobicity
Gurpreet Singh2015$500,000CAREER: Scalable liquid exfoliation processing of ultrathin two-dimensional metal dichalcogenides nanosheets for energy storage devices

* indicates emeritus or deceased faculty