The Kansas State University Carl R. Ice College of Engineering provides a student-centered experience and customized education. Our student body is a diverse group of individuals who challenge each other to persevere, accelerate goals and impact the world through innovation.

Unique to K-State engineering is no cap on the numbers in any of our degree programs. If a student is undecided about which discipline of engineering to pursue, the option is available to start out in the general engineering program. We want all students to be academically successful while pursuing their career goals.

The following criteria must be met for admission to the Kansas State University Carl R. Ice College of Engineering. For undergraduate students starting in fall 2021, standardized test scores (ACT/SAT) will no longer be required.


Important: Offers of admission are contingent on students completing their academic file with final official transcripts. If a qualifying grade point average is not maintained, the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering reserves the right to rescind admission. University admission and enrollment may still occur.