Ph.D. Student Recruitment and Scholarship Program

Current engineering graduate and undergraduate students can provide excellent recommendations for future Ph.D. students to join the K-State family and as a resource to increase doctoral student enrollment numbers.


To recruit excellent Ph.D. students to one of K-State engineering's eight doctoral programs.

Scholarship Program

The college will provide a one-time $1,000 scholarship to any K-State engineering undergraduate or graduate student who helps recruit a Ph.D. student, as described below. The student recruiter will receive $500 the first semester he or she is enrolled full-time in the college, and $500 for the second semester if the student continues full-time enrollment. If the recruiting student graduates before this time, alternative arrangements will be made.

Recruitment Requirements

  1. To initiate recruiting, please provide the ERGP office with the name, email address and department of interest for students qualified for admission to one of our engineering programs, along with your name, email and phone number.*
  2. A representative from that department will contact the recruiter and ask to provide an initial introduction email to each student. Recruiter students may be asked to assist in additional interactions with the potential students as well.
  3. To be eligible for the scholarship, the potential Ph.D. student must recognize the importance of your involvement in their decision to join K-State.
  4. For the recruiting student to receive the scholarship, the recommended candidate must apply to K-State, be accepted into a K-State Engineering doctoral program, enroll in the program and attend classes at K-State within five years of the original email notification to the ERGP office.

Deadlines for Recruitment Nominations

  • Nov. 15 for international students for August admission
  • Jan. 15 for U.S. citizens and permanent residents for August admission
  • May 15 for January admission

*The potential doctorate student may not be a current K-State student. There is a separate scholarship program for current students who stay at K-State to receive a doctorate degree.