B.S. in Architectural Engineering

Program overview

The architectural engineering curriculum prepares engineers for the building engineering field. Architectural engineers have an understanding of the complexity of building systems, how systems are designed and installed, and how all systems work together in a functional building.

Program accreditation

Design pathways

Electrical systems
The pathway in electrical systems includes power distribution, utilities and lighting design.

Mechanical systems
HVAC, plumbing and fire protection are part of the mechanical systems pathway.

Structural systems
A focus on structural systems requires knowledge about concrete, steel and timber.

Academic areas

Academic areas graphic for architectural engineering

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Make an impact

Architectural engineering and its partner program construction science and management prepare students to work effectively in an integrated architecture-engineering-constructor team to produce sustainable solutions for new and existing buildings.

Architectural engineers stand at the forefront to —

  • design unique solutions to building challenges.
  • create buildings with minimal environmental impact.
  • increase energy efficiency.
  • implement new technologies and equipment.
  • revitalize existing construction.
94% career placement
$61,455 average starting salary

Career opportunities

Architectural engineering graduates pursue careers as —

  • project managers
  • consultants
  • structural engineers
  • renewable energy design engineers
  • manufacturer sales engineers
  • mechanical and electrical systems design engineers
  • facility operators
  • owner representatives


The architectural engineering department coordinates internship placement opportunities within a vast range of high-paying design specialties for students. Companies recruit interested students through a networking process directly managed by the department.

K-State architectural engineering alumni live in 47 states and 22 countries.

Alumni map

Career placement and salary data provided by the K-State Career Center. Career placement includes K-State architectural engineering graduates who are employed or enrolled in graduate or professional schools within six months of graduation.