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Carl R. Ice College of Engineering

Carl R. Ice
College of Engineering

1046 Rathbone Hall
1701B Platt St.
Manhattan, KS 66506

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Company of the Year 

Honorees of Company of the Year demonstrate engagement with the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering in the following ways:

  • Direct support for scholarships
  • Faculty support/faculty chairs
  • Hiring of K-State engineering students
  • Research support
  • Other areas of involvement - advisory council service, team sponsorship, etc.

The Company of the Year, established in 1974, is selected annually with the distinction awarded based on exhibited commitment to engineering education, as well as high standards and quality performance in the engineering profession.

2020 Company of the Year - Hallmark


Hallmark believes that when you care enough, you can change the world.  

While there are many ways to experience Hallmark, the experiences that matter most are those our customers share with friends and loved ones. We strive each day to help those experiences – and those connections – come to life.

In each of our businesses we aim to be good community partners, embrace diversity and inclusion and strive to be environmentally responsible. This all helps fulfill our brand promise of helping people live caring and connected lives filled with meaningful moments.

Past Company of the Year recipients