Concrete Canoe


Concrete Canoe Team Chairs


Co-Captain/Project Manager: Thomas Finley (

Co-Captain/Mix Design: Zane Beattie (

Co-Captain/Mix Design: Jared Fangman (



About Concrete Canoe

Brief Synopsis of Competition

Officially known as the National Concrete Canoe Competition, it is the premiere collegiate concrete canoe competition.  Creating a canoe that can float is only half the battle.  The other half involves designing, fabricating, building and racing a canoe that is fast, agile and maneuverable; all with concrete!  Do you want to know how this is possible?  If so, attend the next meeting in the basement of Fiedler Hall.

Our Progress

We are currently meeting every Wednesday and Saturday to refine our mix design and work on structural analysis/hull design. After we have obtained our mix and hull design, we will begin construction of our mold. Our goal is to finish our mix design in the fall so we can have our pour day at the beginning of the spring semester. By maintaining this schedule we will have plenty of time to sand and stain our canoe and to have paddle practices.

Goals for This Year

The main goals for the team this year are to maintain membership, increase technical learning, improve aesthetics, and improve our paddling skills. Can we do it? Join concrete canoe, and find out for yourself!

Pictures of Concrete Canoe Throughout the Years




Official concrete canoe competition site: Official Site

Current copy of the rules: Rules