Officer List

ASCE Student Chapter Officers - Spring 2019

The officers are a critical aspect of our student chapter. Each officer has varying responsibilities to ensure that ASCE is successful and serving students effectively.

Mariana Cruz

Oversees all of the other officers, runs all the meetings andprepares the ASCE KSU Student Chapter Annual Report.  Also able to approve attendance at alternative and one-off assemblies.


Vice President
Matthew Oszman

Arranges all of the speakers for our meetings and organizes the Joint Dinner when hosted by KSU.  Also able to approve attendance at alternative and one-off assemblies.


Joe Drilling

In charge of our chapter's finances and handles the ASCE KSY Student Chapter membership and rental of FE review material.


Alyssa Wherry

Records your attendance and for assemblies and other chapter-sponsored events.


  Social Media / Historian
Sam Anderson

Documents ASCE events, creates the newsletter for each assembly, and maintains the website.


Social Activities Chair
Brady McLaughlin

In charge of planning and running ASCE social activities. Also able to approve participation in one-off social activities.


Community Service Chair
Cole Frimmel

In charge of managing ASCE community service activities.  Also able to approve participation in one-off service activities.

  Freshman/Sophomore Rep


Coordinates all of the activities for freshmen and sophomores.



Graduate Student Rep
Evan Heronemus

Can help answer any questions regarding attending graduate school.


Open House Chair
Georic Musser

The open house chairs are in charge of organizing the open house displays for the civil engineering department. If you would like to help out or have questions, feel free to contact them!