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Carl R. Ice College of Engineering

Carl R. Ice
College of Engineering

1046 Rathbone Hall
1701B Platt St.
Manhattan, KS 66506

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Commerce Bank and W.T. Kemper Foundation Outstanding Teaching Award

Four Commerce Bank and W.T. Kemper Foundation Outstanding Teaching Awards are presented each year university-wide. One is made annually in the College of Arts & Sciences; the other three awards alternate among six of the other colleges. The Carl R. Ice College of Engineering receives this award on even-numbered years.

The recipient is selected using similar criteria as for the Hollis Award, which includes the following:

  • Innovation in course development, laboratory development, and classroom instruction;
  • Well-respected by students and colleagues; and
  • Demonstrated competence and enthusiasm for classroom/laboratory instruction.

Current Recipient

Bruce BabinBruce Babin, MNE

The 2018 Commerce Bank Award goes to Dr. Bruce Babin, instructor of mechanical and nuclear engineering. 

  • Babin has been awarded the James L. Hollis Memorial Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in the College of Engineering twice.
  • His teaching philosophy includes four key aspects: knowing the audience and adapting the class to fit, providing effective feedback, making learning engaging, and keeping a path open for student success.
  • He is a member and 2018 chair of the American Society for Engineering Education, and a member and student chapter adviser for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Past Recipients

Kevin Wanklyn, MNE, 2016
Todd Easton, IMSE, 2014
Yacoub M. Najjar, CE, 2012
Jim DeVault, ECE, 2010
William Kuhn, ECE, 2008
David A. Pacey, MNE, 2006
Carl O. Riblett, ARE/CNS, 2004
Michael N. Hafling, ARE/CNS, 2002
Medhat M. Morcos, EECE, 2000
Robert R. Snell, CE, 1998
Larry A. Glasgow, CHE, 1996
Robert L. Gorton, ME, 1994
Richard R. Gallagher, EE, 1992
Peter B. Cooper, CE, 1990
Richard E. Faw, NE, 1988
Charles L. Burton, ARE/CNS, 1986
Muthuraj Vaithianathan, IE, 1984
Charles R. Bissey, ARE/CNS, 1982
Edwin C. Lindly, ARE/CNS, 1980
Rodney T. Nash, ME, 1971
N. Dean Eckhoff, NE, 1970
Gerald R. Potts, ME, 1970