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Clair A. Mauch Steel Ring Advisor of the Year

The Clair A. Mauch Steel Ring Advisor of the Year Award recognizes individual achievement in advising by a full-time faculty member. Members of Steel Ring make the selection based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated concern for students’ academic progress;
  • Familiarity with administrative, university, and departmental advising policies; and
  • Availability to students and recognized ability to positively impact their education.

Advising students entails a variety of activities: selecting courses, answering career questions, directing students to appropriate offices on campus, presenting a listening ear, mentoring them in their chosen discipline, and many times serving as an advisor for student organizations.

Current Recipient

clementsDerek Clements, ARE/CNS

This year’s recipient is Derek Clements, instructor from the GE Johnson Department of Architectural Engineering and Construction Science.

  • Clements joined the department in 2016 after graduating from the architectural engineering program in 2009.
  • He co-advises the Illuminating Engineering Society and the Architectural Engineering Institute student groups.

Comments from a student:

  • “Derek is bar none the best teacher I have ever had, and the best part is he is still improving. He pushes you to set goals that may be just outside of your comfort zone. He meets success with praise and failure with grace, encouraging toward betterment. His mentorship has made me a better engineer, and I strive to duplicate the way he interacts with everyone when I reach the workforce.”

Past Recipients

Lisa R. Wilken, BAE, 2018
Julie Thornton, CS, 2017
Malgorzata J. Rys, IMSE, 2016
Chris Ahern, ARE/CNS, 2015
Mustaque Hossain, CE, 2014
Ronaldo Maghirang, BAE, 2013
Garth Thompson, MNE, 2012
Ray Buyle, ARE/CNS, 2011
Julie A. Thornton, CIS, 2010
Todd Easton, IMSE, 2009
Kimberly Douglas-Mankin, IMSE, 2008
Julia A. Keen, ARE/CNS, 2007
Sutton F. Stephens, ARE/CNS, 2006
Larry A. Glasgow, CHE, 2005
Tom D. Logan, ARE/CNS, 2004
Charles L. Burton, ARE/CNS, 2003
Michael N. Hafling, ARE/CNS, 2002
David A. Pacey, MNE, 2001
Ray E. Hightower, Asst. Dean for Student Services, 2000
Malgorzata J. Rys, IMSE, 1999
Mark D. Schrock, BAE, 1998
Charles L. Burton, ARE/CNS, 1997
Prasanta K. Kalita, BAE, 1996
Kuo-Kuang Hu, CE, 1995
Do Sup Chung, BAE, 1994
David A. Pacey, ET, 1993
Bradley A. Kramer, IE, 1992
Medhat M. Morcos, EECE, 1991
Paul R. McCright, IE, 1990
J. Kenneth Shultis, MNE, 1989
Larry E. Erickson, CHE, 1988
Frederick J. Hoppe, ET, 1987
Merrill E. Blackman, CNS, 1986
Robert E. Crank, ME, 1985
Gale E. Simons, NE, 1984
Muthuraj Vaithianathan, IE, 1983
John C. Matthews, CHE, 1982
James K. Koelliker, CE, 1981