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Myers-Alford Memorial Teaching Award

The Myers-Alford Memorial Teaching Award recognizes outstanding teaching efforts. According to the donors of this memorial fund, Jean Alford Myers and Philip S. Myers, the recipient must (1) provide outstanding undergraduate and graduate instruction and mentoring; and (2) provide valuable information to colleagues, peers, and practitioners in the field. For this award, the Honors and Awards Committee selects the recipient based on the following criteria:

  • Evaluation of teaching effectiveness by colleagues;
  • Student evaluations; and
  • Success in sharing information to colleagues, peers, and practitioners.

The nomination process is coordinated by the department head.  The nomination packet includes the following items of support for the nominee:

  1. Letter of endorsement from the department head.
  2. Current curriculum vitae.
  3. A two-page (maximum) description of the nominee's qualifications which address the following attributes:
    • Outstanding instruction at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
    • Source of valuable information to colleagues, peers, and practitioners.
    • Outstanding mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students.
  4. A maximum of five letters of support from a combination of faculty and student sources.

Current Recipient

wilkenLisa R. Wilken, BAE

This year’s recipient is Dr. Lisa Wilken, associate professor in the department of biological and agricultural engineering.

  • In 2016, Dr. Wilken was awarded the College of Engineering Dean’s Award of Excellence in Teaching and is one of two faculty in the nation to be awarded the 2016 ASABE A.W. Farrall Young Educators Award.
  • The Yale Center for Teaching and Learning named her as a Scientific Teaching Fellow for her commitment to undergraduate teaching in 2017-18.

Comments from a student:

  • “From very early on, it was evident that Dr. Wilken is the true embodiment of an educator. She believes in the growth and success of students, and goes above and beyond to enrich the lives of all she encounters whether in the classroom, the laboratory or even those visiting K-State.”

Past Recipients

Mustaque Hossain, CE, 2018
Kimberly Waggle Kramer, ARE/CNS, 2017
Hani Melhem, CE, 2016
Stacy L. Hutchinson, BAE, 2015
Julia Keen, ARE/CNS, 2015
Bill Kuhn, ECE, 2015
Steve Eckels, MNE, 2014
Hayder Rasheed, CE, 2013
Naiqian Zhang, BAE, 2012
Asad Esmaeily, CE, 2011
Sunanda Dissanayake, CE, 2010
Ronaldo Maghirang, BAE, 2009
Robert Peterman, CE, 2008
James E. DeVault, EECE, 2007
Keith L. Hohn, CHE, 2006
Yacoub M. Najjar, CE, 2005
Kevin B. Lease, MNE, 2004
Medhat M. Morcos, EECE, 2003
Gary A. Clark, BAE, 2002
Donald H. Lenhert, EECE, 2001
Mark D. Schrock, BAE, 2000
Donald R. Hummels, EECE, 1999
Mohammad H. Hosni, MNE, 1997