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Carl R. Ice College of Engineering

Carl R. Ice
College of Engineering

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Engineering Distinguished Researcher Award

The Engineering Distinguished Researcher Award recognizes sustained and consistent research excellence by a full-time full professor within the college. The award was established in 2016 to recognize significant achievements over a person’s research career. The selection committee uses the following criteria for this award:

Sustained and consistent research activities including most of the following:

  • External funding support and expenditures
  • Refereed Publications and Citations
  • Intellectual Products including Patents and Disclosures
  • National and International Research awards
  • Research mentoring and Team building including collaborative funding
  • Graduate program accomplishments including PhD student mentoring
  • Outstanding impact of work on his/her profession and K-State 

Engineering Distinguished Researcher Award 2019 Nomination Information

Current Recipient

wangDonghai Wang, BAE

This year’s recipient is Donghai Wang, professor in the department of biological and agricultural engineering.

  • Dr. Wang collaborates with a variety of students and international peers to find the most cost-effective production methods to make biofuels and materials. 
  • He has received many awards for his research and has even had one of his findings become a newly adopted method in the industry. He has taken his expertise in his subject area and authored or co-authored more than 150 articles, served on industry technical committees and supervised more than 30 students pursuing higher-level degrees.

Past Recipients

John Hatcliff, CS, 2018
James H. Edgar, CHE, 2017
Douglas S. McGregor, MNE, 2016