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Carl R. Ice College of Engineering

Carl R. Ice
College of Engineering

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Engineering Unclassified Staff Award of Excellence

Purpose of the Award

The purpose of this award is to foster excellence in the workplace by rewarding and recognizing unclassified professional staff who achieve excellence and/or make exemplary contributions to the mission and values of K-State and the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering through service as a team player, exceptional productivity, creativity or innovation, distinguished accomplishment, and/or leadership.

Eligibility and Criteria

All unclassified professional staff members with a minimum of three years of continuous service, who are employed at a five-tenths or greater regular or term appointment, shall be eligible for the award. The University Handbook defines unclassified professionals as "all individuals who do not hold academic rank and do not have a civil service classification."

Nominees are eligible for a maximum of one award in an application year. An employee may receive this award only once every five years.

Unclassified professionals may be nominated using the following areas of accomplishment. Additional information is provided on the nomination form.

  • Team Building, Group Activity, Service to the University - Participation in a cooperative/collaborate setting promotes teamwork, effective delegation, and attainment of the charge or goal of the group. The unclassified professional staff member is recognized as a valuable team player that engages others, works toward consensus, considers opinions from a diverse team and enhances teamwork.
  • Productivity, Creativity, Innovation - Increases in work productivity, and/or new or improved processes or services that result from the employee's contributions. The unclassified professional staff member contributes through creative effort — program development, marketing, use of technology, or other accomplishments — that yields significant benefit for their unit, the campus or the larger community.
  • Distinguished Accomplishment - An event or achievement that is significant in scope, effort or impact. The employee's efforts lead to notable recognition and/or benefit for Kansas State University, its employees, students, or its constituents, including citizens of the state of Kansas.
  • Leadership - Leadership of a unit, department or university organization that has made a distinct and positive impact. The employee has implemented significant, positive changes or improvements and/or led in a way that models and fosters an excellent team environment.

Current Recipient

farmerMitzi W. Farmer, MNE

This year’s recipient is Mitzi Farmer, academic adviser in the Alan Levin Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering.

  • Farmer uses her personal experience and academic background through her teaching in the K-State First program to help first-generation students successfully navigate their educational journey.
  • Many different responsibilities fall onto her plate. She advises more than 400 students in the department in either a primary or secondary capacity, coordinates prospective student visits, helps to plan departmental events and assists in any way she can.

Comments from a colleague:

  • “She genuinely believes in the dignity and value of every person, the value of human diversity and inclusion, and that diversity of views enriches our learning environment.”

Past Recipients

Yvonne C. Cook, Engg Ext, 2018
Jonathan Zeller, BAE, 2017
Carole Lovin, ERGP, 2016