About Us

Our Mission

In order to increase the probability that young people will be aware of the professional opportunities within engineering, as well as the educational programs available in the College of Engineering at Kansas State University, we, the members of the Engineering Ambassador Organization, have taken as our purpose:

To promote the engineering profession, and to be a host for the Kansas State University College of Engineering, striving to make others aware of the unique benefits and resources available as prospective and current students within the College. Engineering Ambassadors will assist with on and off-campus recruitment events and will promote the College of Engineering by drawing upon their own educational and professional experience.

Membership Requirements

For those interested in becoming a member of the College of Engineering Ambassadors, individuals must have successfully completed the College Leadership, Understanding, and Education (CLUE) Program, which occurs every Fall semester. After completion of the CLUE Program, individuals must submit an Ambassador application, followed by a comprehensive interview and mock visit experience as part of the overarching selections process. Applications for Ambassadors are made available each November, and Selections occur in late January/early February.

To maintain their status as an active member in the organization, Engineering Ambassadors must hold and attend a weekly office hour throughout the semester, participate in on- and off-campus recruitment events, and make positive contributions to the committee of their choosing.