The E-LEAD program is designed to develop, train and empower participants for the opportunities available for academic and professional excellence, while taking control of one’s own personal development as a student leader within the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering.

About E-LEAD

The primary outcome is to provide the best possible experience for the individuals participating in E-LEAD to foster and develop future leaders within the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering at K-State. E-LEAD also serves as a prerequisite to the Engineering Ambassador program, so if you are interested in being involved in the campus visit experience, participating in E-LEAD is the first step to being considered for membership.

E-LEAD consists of weekly one-hour sessions for seven weeks throughout the fall semester. It is free and it will not affect your GPA.

Each session will feature a guest speaker, as well as small and large group breakout sessions that focus on a topic pertaining to academic, personal and professional development. E-LEAD participants will be able to interact and converse with current leaders within the college and K-State as a whole.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about E-LEAD, please contact the Office of Recruitment at 785-532-5514 or kstateengg@k-state.edu.