As a part of their overarching responsibilities as Engineering Ambassadors, individual members serve in one of the five committees associated with the organization throughout the academic year. Each of the five committes helps strengthen the foundational values of the Engineering Ambassador organization in the pursuit of fulfilling its mission.

Campus Events

The Campus Events Committee develops comprehensive training sessions for various on- and off-campus events, manages the website that track event participation, effectitvely communicates visit strategies and disseminates them amongs the membership, and works to continuously improve the experience of the prospective students that interact with the College of Engineering.

College Presence

The College Presence Committee establishes various philanthropic and community service projects for Ambassadors to participate in throughout the academic year, acts as the Ambassador liaison to Engineering Student Council, creates unique programming to engage with other Ambassador groups across campus, and promotes the academic, personal, and professional development of its members.


The Social Committee organizes various activities and icebreakers that allow for a greater camaraderie amongst the individual members, schedules guest speakers and presenters that positively contribute to the organizational mission, plans social events that celebrate the start of the academic year, and develops creative ways to support and recognize graduating seniors at the end of each semester.


The Outreach Committee works to encourage the public-speaking skills of its members by developing comprehensive presentations and activities related to the educational and professional opportunities inherent to engineering, while engaging with prospective engineering students from a wide array of backgrounds with the hope of encouraging more individuals to pursue an engineering degree at the college level.

New Member Development

The New Member Development Committee oversees the development of the Engineering College Leadership, Understanding, and Education (CLUE) Program, manages the overarching Selections process for admitting new members to the Ambassador organization, and develops the comprehensive training program designed to fully assimilate new members to the parameters of successful membership within Engineering Ambassadors.