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eSign refers to the electronic signature process generated through the eProposals system. Once a proposal, award or modification (a proposal component) has been created and designated for eSign, all personnel related to this component can electronically sign the transmittal sheet document as well as view the associated component documents.

The process:

When the eSign component is created, an email is generated by the system and sent to all principal investigators, or PI, department heads, and those designated to sign on behalf of the PIs and department heads. This email provides information regarding the transmittal sheet (i.e., PI, sponsor and title of the proposal). Individuals access the eSign site using their K-State eID and password.

To electronically sign the document, the user first must open and review the transmittal sheet, which is accessible from the eSign page. Other documents related to the activity are also included and should be viewed as well before the user considers eSigning for the activity. The system requires that the transmittal sheet be viewed by the user.

Once the transmittal sheet is opened, the user has the option of accepting or deferring the transmittal sheet. Checking "Accept" completes the eSign process and the transmittal sheet is electronically signed. If the user, upon review of the documents, decides to defer the transmittal sheet, by checking “Defer,” an explanation for the purpose of the deferral must be provided in the pop up box in order for the appropriate follow up actions to be taken. The user then selects who should receive the automatically generated email. Once the user clicks “Save” the deferment is complete, the deferment email is sent and the eSign process is temporarily halted until the deferment is cleared.

eSign history pages:

The link to the eSign history page is located in the upper right-hand corner of the main eSign page. Access to the eSign history page is granted regardless of whether pending eSign records exist for the user.

Different view options of eSign history are available depending on the user’s role within the system:

  • Department heads have the option of seeing all eSigned documents related to their department, regardless of who was the residing department head. They also have the option to change the view in order to only see projects for which they are a PI or co-PI.
  • Designated department signers have the option of seeing all eSigned documents related to their corresponding department. If the signer is also a PI, the option is available to change the view and see only projects for which they are a PI or co-PI.
  • Principal Investigators see only eSign project documents for which they are a PI or co-PI.

eSign Login