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Engineering Research and Graduate Programs

Engineering Research and Graduate Programs
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Research Keywords Database

The Research Keywords Database contains listings of engineering faculty areas of expertise. It was constructed based on keywords entered by faculty to more clearly define their research emphases. Research topics are categories defined by the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering.

The Research Keywords Database was developed as a way for K-State colleagues and outside entities to easily identify faculty areas of expertise and provide connections and opportunities including the following:

  • Encourage research collaboration
  • Improve and encourage connections with potential research sponsors
  • Provide business, industry, government and media representatives access to faculty expertise in the college
  • Increase public accessibility to K-State Engineering expertise to broaden the understanding of the university's research activities
  • Disseminate research funding opportunities to college faculty based on keyword entries
  • Assist student searches for faculty advisers

The Research Keywords Database can be searched two ways:

  1. Enter the keyword, research topic or faculty name
  2. Select specific research topic categories
  3. Faculty name