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ENGG Matching Support for Research Policy

Requests for Matching Support for Research Proposals*

Effective July 1, 2014; modified December 8, 2017

The associate dean of research and graduate programs (ADR) manages all requests for cost sharing in the form of hard dollar match commitments (or “matching”) for the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering. Faculty must initiate requests with the ADR for proposal matching from the college. It is best to contact the associate dean early in the proposal development process to allow time to develop best match strategies and maximize resources. Hard dollar matching support for research proposals is determined on a case-by-case basis. using the criteria and internal submission process below. Note: Requests for hard dollar match to support GRA or postdoc salaries, in most cases, will not be considered. 


Requests will be evaluated based upon the following criteria:

  • Alignment of the proposed project with the goals of the program announcement (i.e., fundability)
  • Degree to which the proposed project aligns with the priorities of the college (i.e., suitability)
  • Credentials of the individuals involved with the project

Email requests for matching dollars should include the following: 

  • Sponsor, program, link to program solicitation, and proposal submission deadline
  • Description of the program’s mandatory cost share for this project
  • Brief project summary highlighting the criteria listed above
  • Proposed strategy to meet program match requirements, to include proposed match percentages or dollar amounts from department(s), college(s) and/or the vice president for research)
  • Draft budget matching the proposed strategy
  • List of other faculty associated with the proposed submission
  • If the project involves equipment acquisition, a description of where the instrument will be housed and a plan for sustainability of equipment use
  • Cc to others as appropriate (faculty participants, department heads, etc.)

 The following guidelines are generally followed when hard dollar matching support is requested.

  • Faculty members with start-up packages are expected to use start-up funds, to the extent practical, for matching purposes. Approval to use ERGP start-up commitments for matching on proposals does not require advanced approval from ERGP as long as this use is consistent with the original commitment. On the proposal transmittal sheet in section 5, Internal Matching Fund Sources, dollar amount from this source is entered as department matching and the department head e-signs approval for this matching commitment.
  • The ERGP office and university will not support hard dollar match or cost share on proposals where it is not specifically required or implied as a review criteria item in the sponsor's solicitation. A sponsor's implied match or cost share is allowed only in extenuating circumstances with prior approval.
  • When matching funds are provided for an awarded project, including when funds are provided in advance to meet the sponsor’s hard dollar support and match requirement, the ERGP portion is generally limited to one-third of the total match with the expectation that the vice president for research (VPR) will also provide one-third of the match, with the department or PI providing the remaining one-third. Start-up equipment funds are normally already provided on a three-way split, which automatically meets this requirement, and additional matching of these funds by either VPR or ERGP is not appropriate. If ERGP summer salary start-up support is used to meet a sponsor's required hard dollar match, the PI is encouraged to obtain like amounts from the department and VPR to yield the standard three-way distribution.
  • On proposals where the department provides hard dollar match but chooses not to request matching support from ERGP, there is still the possibility of obtaining match support from other university sources. PI's are encouraged to seek this additional match when appropriate, and should contact the associate dean for research and graduate programs for information, if needed.
  • Last minute requests to ERGP for matching are not likely to be successful. Please make any requests for matching as soon as a proposal is being considered for submission, especially for multi-million dollar collaborative proposals to develop best match strategies and maximize resources.

Requests for matching funds should be endorsed or reviewed by department heads prior to contacting the ADR.

*Cost sharing, matching, and in-kind contributions: These are commitments of university resources in support of a project beyond the funds provided by the sponsor. These commitments may be from the university's resources, from a third party, or from a combination of both. Regardless of the source, the university is responsible for maintaining records that satisfy state and federal audit requirements. Identification of all sources of matching funds is required at the proposal stage. Third party contributions, whether monetary or in-kind, must be documented in the proposal by a binding letter of commitment or via an existing agreement that includes details.