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Engineering Research and Graduate Programs

Engineering Research and Graduate Programs
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PreAward Services

The ERGP office supports K-State’s PreAward Services, or PAS, in various ways, which include proposal preparation (limited) and non-financial preaward activities such as award modifications to include time extensions, add amounts and project overdrafts.

The PAS office provides full assistance to faculty and staff obtaining and administering funding from non-university sources to support K-State's creative and scholarly activities. PAS is responsible for providing value-added services to faculty for budget/proposal development, review and university sign-off. In addition, PAS is responsible for contract and grant review, negotiation, and university acceptance, along with liaison services with sponsoring entities.

ERGP Proposal Preparation

ERGP provides limited proposal preparation services to tenure track faculty and proposals offering funding above $1 million over a three-year project period.

At this time, the PAS office provides proposal preparation services for all other Carl R. Ice College of Engineering proposals.

The K-State Research website provides additional information about research services and policies, including workshops and training, funding opportunities, research compliance, research award information, proposal writing resources, budget preparation, proposal submission and data management plans for NSF and NIH.

Standard Deadline and Target Dates for Proposals

In order for ERGP to provide the best proposal preparation services possible, the following target dates are strongly encouraged:

  • Two weeks (10 business days) prior to the proposal deadline
    All final documents that are to be uploaded to a sponsor system or included in a proposal should be submitted to the ERGP Research Administrator.
  • One week (five business days) prior to the proposal deadline
    PAS policy requires that the final completed proposal be submitted to the PAS office for review and submission of a proposal to the sponsor.

When a faculty member would like to submit a proposal to sponsor solicitation as lead principal investigator, it is essential that the faculty member collaborate with the ERGP Research Administrator to review all solicitation requirements and determine task assignments and responsibilities. If a proposal includes subawards, meeting with the Research Administrator is especially important as substantial additional time is typically needed to work with subaward entities and collect appropriate documentation.

Faculty are strongly encouraged to submit their proposals early enough to take advantage of the proposal review services offered through PAS. The value-added services provided by this office often greatly improve the quality of a proposal submission and could make the proposal more competitive.

Non-financial PreAward Activities

ERGP assists PAS in preparing transmittal sheets for non-financial preaward activities. Official modifications or amendments must be processed through PAS. The format is typically determined by a sponsor’s award terms and includes:

  • a change in principal investigator/project director;
  • a change in scope of work;
  • a change in period of performance (time extension or no-cost time extension);
  • a budget revision;
  • carryover of funds; and
  • other contractual terms and conditions.

Other forms prepared at ERGP include overdrafts and organizational prior approval system, or OPAS, forms.

GRA Tuition Policy (Effective Date: July 1, 2014)

K-State Engineering (the college) aims to attract and retain top quality students to our graduate degree research programs by offering competitive recruitment packages including tuition support. It is the college policy that tuition costs for graduate research assistants (GRAs) must be included as a direct cost in all grant proposals and contracts for all sponsors. federal grants and contracts normally allow for such costs.

In cases where a sponsor does not allow tuition costs, an approved Tuition Cost Share Request Form must be approved prior to submission of the proposal indicating commitment from the principal investigator, department and/or ERGP to cover tuition costs.

For more information on this policy, please click here.

Matching Support for Research Proposals (Effective July 1, 2014)

The associate dean for engineering research and graduate programs manages all requests for cost sharing in the form of hard dollar match commitments (or “matching”) for K-State Engineering. Faculty must begin with the associate dean for any proposal matching. Contact the Associate Dean as soon as a proposal is being considered for submission, including the sponsor’s match requirement, to discuss ideas and options that may be available. Hard dollar matching support for research proposals is determined on a case-by-case basis.

For more information on this policy, please click here.