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Engineering Research and Graduate Programs

Engineering Research and Graduate Programs
1042 Rathbone Hall
1701B Platt St.
Manhattan, KS 66506


Graduate Programs

Kansas State University aspires to be recognized nationally as a top 50 public research university by the year 2025 as outlined in the K-State 2025 visionary plan. The Carl R. Ice College of Engineering, including the engineering graduate program, significantly contributes to the goals of this strategic plan. Graduate program guidelines are set by the K-State Graduate School with minor variations existing between departments. The Engineering Graduate Student Advisory Council works with the ERGP office for the professional and social welfare of graduate students in engineering.

K-State Engineering is comprised of eight departments. Besides standard master’s and doctorate programs, some departments also offer graduate certificate programs for specialization in specific areas of research. The engineering graduate program offers leadership and professional development opportunities to students. In addition, graduate students have the opportunity to travel to present their work at national and international conferences and workshops. 

Assistantships and scholarships are available for graduate students.

View the graduate program brochures to learn more about the graduate programs offered.