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Engineering Research and Graduate Programs

Engineering Research and Graduate Programs
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Program of Study 

The Program of Study is a formal list of courses a student intends to complete to fulfill the requirements of the degree and should consist solely of courses directly related to the master's degree. A Program of Study must be submitted by full-time and part-time students. 

Full-time students must file their Program of Study before the end of their second semester of graduate study, and part-time students must do so upon the completion of nine credit hours. The Program of Study must be made with approval of the major adviser and graduate committee. If changes to the Program of Study or committee are necessary, a Program/Committee Change form must be submitted. 

For doctoral students, the preliminary exam may be taken after the Program of Study is approved by the graduate school and the supervisory committee agrees the student is in a good academic standing to take the exam. The exam may be in two steps, written and oral, but the format of the exam is decided by the respective department in consultation with the Graduate School.

There is more information on the Graduate School website for master’s students and doctoral candidates.

The Graduate School website provides a list of forms that are commonly used.