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Engineering Research and Graduate Programs

Engineering Research and Graduate Programs
1042 Rathbone Hall
1701B Platt St.
Manhattan, KS 66506


Scholarships, Assistantships and Part-Time Opportunities

Engineering Scholarships and Award

Ann and Dave Braun Student Inventor Award
(Application materials due April 12)

Gattani Outstanding Graduate Student Award
(Nomination form and nominee's CV due April 12)

John A. Angold Graduate Engineering Scholarship
(Applications due April 15)

Robert l-Jen And Sophia Shu-Kan Jung Graduate Scholarship in

Engineering for New and Returning M.S./Ph.D. Students
(Applications due March 1)

Carl R. Ice College of Engineering Ph.D. Student Recruitment and Scholarship Program

Carl R. Ice College of Engineering Ph.D. Student Scholarship Program for K-State Undergraduate and Master's Students


Departments in the college generally provide financial support through assistantships for graduate students. These include the Graduate Research Assistantship, the Graduate Teaching Assistantship and fellowships. Responsibilities of each of these may vary by department, source and amount of funding available. Assistanships are provided for a maximum of 20 hours per week (or 0.5 FTE) and all students with assistanships must be enrolled at K-State according to the rules of the graduate school.

For payroll purposes, a Social Security number (SSN) is required. International students must first check in with International Student and Scholar Services at K-State to get registered into the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. Subsequently, the students can apply for a SSN. Find information about applying for a SSN from International Student and Scholar Services. General information about Social Security numbers and cards is available at the Social Security Administration website. 

Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA):
Research assistantships are generally funded by research grants. Students with a GRA perform part-time research under the direct supervision of their major adviser, committee or as recommended by the respective department. Research assistants qualify for resident tuition rates if they are enrolled for a minimum of six credit hours per semester and on payroll at .5 FTE. Visit ERGP Policies for more information on GRA Tuition Policy.  

Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA):
Teaching assistants are usually appointed by the respective department. Responsibilities include offering instructional support in undergraduate or graduate course, grading assignments and tests, or teaching laboratory sessions. There may be slight variations in responsibilities from one department to the other. Teaching assistants must pass a test of spoken English if English is not their native language. Teaching assistants are eligible for a tuition waiver for the fall and spring semesters if the assistanship is at least for 16 hours (0.4 FTE).

Graduate research assistants and/or teaching assistants with a total of 0.5 FTE appointment are eligible for the GTA/GRA student health insurance plan. Information about how to enroll for the plan is given on the Division of Human Resources website.

Graduate School Fellowships and Scholarships

The Graduate School offers scholarships to graduate students for excellence in research. Some are only available for Ph.D. students/candidates. More information can be found on the Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships page. 

Travel Grants

The K-State Graduate Student Council provides funds for travel to professional events such as conferences, workshops, and other domestic and international events. The information on process, eligibility, award types and criteria, and deadlines for travel awards for each month can be found on the Graduate Student Council Travel Awards page.

Engineering Graduate Student Travel Policy - Engineering graduate students seeking funding from the ERGP office must complete the ERGP travel request form, which is available on the Graduate Student Travel Policy page.  Please submit the form to 1048 Rathbone Hall with all appropriate signatures and supporting documentation.

Part-Time Opportunities

There are several part-time job opportunities available at K-State, and in and around Manhattan. There is a part-time opportunities fair held every fall that provides paid and volunteer positions in different organizations around town. Find more information about part-time opportunities here.

Besides these opportunities, students are eligible to work in hourly positions. Domestic students may work on- or off-campus. International students are allowed to work only on-campus. International students must check eligibility to work with the ISSS office. For more information on financial assistance, visit the Graduate Financial Assistance page.

Non-U.S. citizens and international students can find more resources here.

For specific information about assistantships and fellowships in your department, please contact the graduate coordinator of your department.