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Engineering Research and Graduate Programs

Engineering Research and Graduate Programs
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Ph.D. Student Scholarship Program for K-State Undergraduate and Master’s Students

As part of our efforts to meet the goals of K-State 2025 and the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering visionary plan, we are working towards doubling our number of doctorate students within the college.
The college feels that current engineering graduate and undergraduate students can provide excellent recommendations for future doctorate students to join the K-State family and help us to increase these enrollment numbers. 


To encourage K-State engineering undergraduates, master’s students and alumni to apply for one of the eight doctoral programs offered by the college.

Scholarship program

The college will provide a one-time $500 scholarship to any K-State engineering undergraduate student, master’s student or alumnus who joins a doctoral program in the college. The student will receive $250 the first semester he or she is enrolled full-time in the college, and $250 for the second semester he or she continues full-time enrollment. 

Recruitment requirements:
  1. To initiate the process, please provide the ERGP office with your name, email address and department of interest.
  2. A representative from that department will contact you.
  3. In order to receive the scholarship, you must have attended K-State Engineering for your bachelor’s or master’s degree, apply to and be accepted in a K-State Engineering doctoral program, enroll in the program and attend classes full-time for two semesters at K-State.

Deadlines for recruitment nominations:

  • November 15 for international students for August admission
  • January 15 for U.S. citizens and permanent residents for August admission
  • May 15 for January admission