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Ann and Dave Braun Student Inventor Award 

sarkar-dawson-mitra 2019

Congratulations to the award winners for 2019!
From left to right: Nandini Sarkar, Dean Darren Dawson (award presenter), Joydeep Mitra

Background and Purpose

Through a fund provided by Dave and Ann Braun, the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering is able to provide an award in the amount of $5,000 for promising student inventors in the college.  The primary goal is to reward inventions that have a chance to be successful in the marketplace.  For the purpose of this award, an invention is a new technology, product, or process developed by the student(s) that is unique, useful, and solves a real-world problem.


The recipient(s) of the award will be undergraduate or graduate student(s) in good academic standing at the university and majoring in any program within the college. The award is open to individual students or small teams of undergraduate and graduate students who have inventions in key areas of health, energy, infrastructure, and information technology. The applicant(s) must have a tested and working prototype of an invention to be eligible for the competition. The prototype should work as designed beyond proof of concept models.

Application Process

The call for application will be announced during the fall semester and application for the award will be collected in the spring of each year. The selection process will be completed before the end of the spring semester. The materials listed below should be submitted in pdf format to ergp@ksu.edu by April 12, 2019.

  1. Title of invention and name(s) of inventor(s)

  2. Invention description in non-technical terms. The description is limited to three pages and should address the following items:
    • Definition of the problem or need that the invention is trying to solve and explanation of how the invention offers solutions.
    • What makes the invention novel compared with the current state of the art
    • What makes the invention useful
    • How does the invention improve upon prior technology or processes
    • Description of potential commercialization or adoption
    • If the invention is developed by a team, specify the roles and responsibilities of each team member in regard to the invention
  3. Letter of recommendation from the faculty advisor, department head, or research scientist who is familiar with the work. The letter is limited to two pages and include the following:
    • Description of the significance of the invention
    • Student’s role in developing the invention
    • State of the art status in the area of the invention
    • Description of the potential implications of the student’s/students’ work

The applicant(s) should also participate at the Engineering Undergraduate Creative Inquiry Showcase to be held in April 2019. The event is a showcase of research and scholarly activities conducted by undergraduate students from K-State Engineering. For guidelines, visit the ERGP website: https://www.engg.ksu.edu/ergp/undergrad_research/posterforum/.


The associate dean for research will form an awards committee consisting of K-State faculty, staff, and/or graduate students. The committee will review the applications, including the application materials and poster presentation, and provide a recommendation to the associate dean. The associate dean reserves the right not to present an award if there is no quality/deserving applicant.