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Engineering Student Council


As one of K-State's oldest student organizations, ESC is proud to have provided and supported many of the school's longest standing traditions. Learn more about our organization's accomplishments below.


In 1915, the Engineers Association began publishing a quarterly paper called the "Kansas State Engineer" (known variously as "The K.S.A.C. Engineer" and "The K.S.C. Engineer"). It briefly ended in 1916 with the advent of World War I, but returned in 1920 and has won several awards as one of the best illustrated college engineering magazines.

Decades after the publication's creation, the college took charge of the paper and offered a special course (DEN 200) to continue the periodical online. As of about 2004, the periodical is no longer in production.

Since then, ESC officers began production of another printed/online periodical in Fall 2013 called "The Ohm." This project was briefly supported until close of the academic year in 2014.

KS Hill

In the early 1900s, students at K.S.A.C. were abuzz with plots to erect a letter "K" on Mount Prospect (known today as "KS Hill"). After several failed attempts, Lester Marsh (a Civil Engineering student) suggested in Spring 1921 that they give the effort another go. The committee formed to oversee this project was spearheaded by Arthur H. Brewer, then president of the Engineering Association and a senior in Civil Engineering.

Over the course of that Spring semester, the committee drafted plans for construction and began fundraising for the event. Each Civil Engineering student was to pay 50 cents out-of-pocket donation to the project and be let out of class on Thursday, April 21, 1921 to assist with labor. Despite their good efforts, the committee was short on funds, so the event was postponed several times.

To remedy the situation, Arthur Brewer brought this issue to the Engineering Association and announced that the project would be opened up to all Division of Engineering students. With new donations from the engineering students and supplies provided by Ash Grove, Bonner Springs Portland Cement, and the local Chamber of Commerce, the project was soon underway. Materials included 210 sacks of cement, 50 cubic yards of sand and crushed rock, cement lugs, railroad rails, heavy wire/cables, a bronze star to be placed in memory of the K.S.A.C. students who passed away in World War I.

K-Hill Construction

On May 19, 2021, all engineering freshmen and juniors were excused from classes and gathered in Aggieville at 7:30 AM, ready to work. With wagon teams to haul water and a marching band composed entirely of engineers, the group was serenaded en route to the construction site. Once arrived, students prepared materials and set forms for the letters. About 2:00 PM, sophomore and senior engineers took over the afternoon shift to reinforce the letters and pour concrete. With the help of volunteers the next day, the letter was completed.

In the following years it became tradition for the incoming freshman engineers to hike Mt. Prospect to whitewash the letters. Over time and with much rallying, the Sigma Tau (epsilon chapter) engineering honorary society erected an S on May 10, 1930. Years later Sigma Tau took over maintenance of the letters, and when their organization lapsed in the 1970s, Tau Beta Pi engineering honorary society soon formed and resumed care of the hill.