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Engineering Student Council

 Officers | Executive Board (2019-2020)


Michaela Pingel |
Senior | Industrial Engineering


Vice President
Chloe Alexander |
Senior | Industrial Engineering


VP of External Relations
Mat Orzechowski |
Senior | Industrial Engineering & Political Science


VP of Technology/Public Media
Ethan Seratte |
Junior | Computer Science


VP of Finance
Katie Wurm |
Senior | Chemical Engineering



VP of Events
Syrus Herz |
Junior | Mechanical Engineering


VP of Outreach
Dyllan Boykin |
Junior | Chemical Engineering


Co-LIFE Coordinator
Lindsay Eckman
Sophomore | Industrial Engineering


Co-LIFE Coordinator
Eric Christman |
Sophomore | Mechanical Engineering


Director of Records
Peyton Threinen |
Junior | Biomedical Engineering & Spanish

Bailey Sullivan

Faculty Advisor
Bailey Sullivan |
Teaching Assistant Professor

Our Pledge

As officers in ESC we are fortunate to work closely with the Dean's Office in the College of Engineering, serve our fellow classmates, and grow our skills and knowledge as leaders.

We strive for contributions of lasting, positive impact on our peers. We pledge excellence and inclusiveness in our endeavors.

Thank you for supporting ESC and students in Engineering!