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Engineering Student Council

Student Organizations

Below is a list of all active Engineering Student Organizations at Kansas State University. Click on the link for an organization to visit their homepage and learn more. Organizations are grouped by Type, then Alphabetically. For questions about individual organizations, please contact the group directly.

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For those browsing, please note the following symbols beside club listings:

Dagger †May require an application, election process, or other prerequisite to join.
Double Dagger May require one-time membership fee or annual due to receive certain member benefits.
Section §May engage in competitive activities.


College Organizations

Diversity Organizations

Professional Organizations

Honor Societies

  • Alpha Epsilon (ΑE) [Biological and Agricultural] †
  • Alpha Nu Sigma (ANΣ) [Nuclear] †
  • Alpha Pi Mu (AΠM) [Industrial and Manufacturing Systems] †
  • Chi Epsilon (XE) [Civil] †
  • Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) [Electrical and Computer; IEEE affiliate] †‡
  • Omega Chi Epsilon (ΩXE) [Chemical] †
  • Phi Alpha Epsilon (ΦAE) [Architectural] †
  • Sigma Lambda Chi (ΣΛX) [Construction] †
  • Tau Beta Pi (TBΠ) [for all Engineers] †
  • Upsilon Pi Epsilon (YΠE) [Computing and Information Science; ACM affiliate] †

Competition Teams

Special Interest Groups