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Engineering Student Council

Other Resources

For information about other Student Organization resources, please see the appropriate section below. To access additional information and forms not found below, click here.

Student Organizations may reserve vehicles through the K-State Facilities Motorpool; there is one form for placing the reservation, and a second form required for any drivers who are not K-State employees.

When reserving a vehicle through the Motorpool always agree to pay the Collision Insurance (this costs just a few dollars per day). Please be aware that when you reserve vehicles from the motorpool, there is a daily charge for use which your organization will be responsible for. Your organization will also be responsible for any gas costs, tolls, etc.

Note: to reserve 12 or 15 passenger vans, your driver must have had Van Training.

Food Service on Campus
Generally speaking, food service provided by caterers licensed in Kansas are welcome to serve food on the campus premises. However, if you would like to serve food directly, please be aware of K-State's Environmental Health and Safety standards:

  • General Policies
  • Policy Regarding Pizza
  • Policy Regarding Ice Cream

If you plan to cook or prepare food (such as grilling hamburgers) on campus grounds, you will need to contact K-State EHS Sanitarian, Dr. Ronald Bridges (; 785-532-5856) to make a request. Your request must include:

  1. The menu
  2. Who is preparing the food
  3. Where it will be prepared
  4. Where it will be served and by whom
  5. How it will be cleaned up
  6. The time frame within which this will occur

Dr. Bridges may request additional information from you, but once approved, keep a copy of his correspondence with you at the time of your event.

Use of Campus Building and Grounds
If you are hosting an event during business hours at K-State, you can typically contact the College or Department where you would like to host the event to find out how to reserve space.

Special cases include use of the Ahearn Building, use of the Chapel, or use of any building/campus space after hours. In these cases, you will need to fill out and submit a request form to K-State Facilities for approval in advance.