Design Guides

Lithonia Lighting - design guides for floodlighting, industrial, school, and sports lighting.
Bill Williams Lighting Design - a very comprehensive stage lighting guide, as well as some information on the science and history of lighting
Lighting for our Aging Eyes - a short article by Stan Pomeranz on lighting design considerations for aging people

Light Pollution - The light pollution authority homepage
The New England Light Pollution Advisory Group
Atlas of World Light Pollution - scientific project which analyzes night sky light pollution using satellite imagery

Online Catalogs - "The Lighting source for Specifiers and Buyers"


Lighting Terminology - a nice glossary to brush up on your lighting terms if it's been awhile, so you can sound super-smart during our next excursion

Lightsource Technologies


Sam's F-Lamp FAQ - this FAQ covers probably nearly everything you'll need to know about fluorescent lampls, their ballasts, how they are wired, and troubleshooting problems.
How Fluorescent Lamps Work - from

LED (Light Emitting Diode)

The Promise of Solid State Lighting for General Illumination - a 40 page report, written in 2002

Low Pressure Sodium

The Low Pressure Sodium Lamp - pretty well shows how they work