About Us

Our Mission

The Kansas State University Chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers is devoted to the professional development, education, and involvement of all its members, as well as the recruitment of new members. We are focused on supplementing the IE curriculum with services and activities to develop and improve the achievements of IE students.

2018-2019 Goals

  1. Recruit undecided engineering students to transfer into IE through activities that promote our department and organization.
  2. Continue to recruit current IE students to join IISE by showing them the benefit of a professional society membership.
  3. Provide and participate in more educational opportunities for IISE Members in conjunction with the KC and ICT senior chapter, other student chapters, and area companies.
  4. Be an active chapter in all areas relating to Industrial Engineering in an effort to receive Gold Chapter recognition.
  5. Incorporate social media into monthly assemblies with a goal of staying relevant as a professional developement platform.

Our Roots

IISE's national website states

"Founded in 1949, IISE is the only international, nonprofit, professional society dedicated to advancing the technical and managerial excellence of industrial engineers. The Institute is committed to provide the most timely information about the profession to its members, professionals who share industrial engineering concerns, businesses and industries that employ industrial engineers, and the general public...

...Within a year of its inception, membership consisted of 1,279 members, including 938 students, 2 senior chapters and 10 university chapters. The first convention was held in June 1950 and has continued annually since that time. By 1958, membership had escalated to 6,500 members with 80 chapters and climbed to 12,000 by 1960.

The Journal of Industrial Engineering became a monthly publication in 1966, and two years later branched into AIIE Transactions and Industrial Engineering. In 1972 the headquarters moved from New York to Atlanta, Georgia where it remains today.

Originally known in the US as the American Institute of Industrial Engineers, the word American was dropped in 1981 to truly reflect the international origins of it's growing membership base. At that time, The organization officially became the Institute of Industrial Engineers and Industrial Management magazine was added to the product line.

An integral part of IISE has been the recognition of outstanding students, academia and those in the business and industry sector. In 1956, the first Chapter Development Awards were given, followed a year later by the announcement of Graduate Students and Research Award Competition. The prestigious Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Award was bestowed upon the Gilbreths in 1962. Lillian Gilbreth's contributions to industrial engineering were recognized by the US Postal Service through a commemorative stamp in 1984.

Currently, the Institute promotes over 25 awards and scholarships to reward members, students, and institutions for significant contributions to the profession."

Our Activities

We focus our efforts on two different populations: IMSE students and current IISE members. We work very closely with K-State's Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Department to plan activities for students in the department and in our organization.

We plan the following activities for all IMSE students: Departmental Assemblies, New Student Orientation Session, Peer Advising Sessions, Knowledge Conferences, Intramurals, an Annual Holiday Party, Fall and Spring Picnics, Open House, and the Spring IMSE Awards Banquet.

We plan other activities for strictly IISE members. Some of these include: IISE social events (such as Tailgates, Ice Cream Socials, Video Game Parties), General Body Meetings, Member Appreciation Month, and Regional Paper Conference.