New Faculty Research Orientation

Research Orientation for new faculty

Finding funding, research development and other VPR services and resources

Mary Lou Marino, director, Office of Research Development
Joel Anderson, director, Office of Research Development

Find funding (VPR site)

Establish a collaboration (VPR site)

Prepare a proposal (VPR site)

Defense innovation marketplace (pdf)

The Global Food System graphic (pdf)

Global Food Systems Initiative at K-State (pdf)

University research compliance

Cheryl Doerr, associate vice president for research compliance

Research compliance at K-State (pdf)

University Research and Compliance Office (URCO site)

Post-award management

Roger McBride, assistant director IV, Sponsored Programs Accounting
Pam Barrett, grant accountant III, Sponsored Programs Accounting

Sponsored Programs Accounting (SPA site)

Managing your award (FAQ)

Proposal preparation, K-State preaward processes and Cayuse SP

Kim Rewinkel, grant specialist, Engineering Research and Graduate Programs

ERGP resources and services for new faculty (pdf)

Proposal support services (FAQ)

Proposal development (FAQ)

Proposal preparation (FAQ)

Budget (FAQ)

Environment, health and safety, and college facilities

Environment, health and safety, and laboratory startup (pdf)