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Carl R. Ice College of Engineering

Carl R. Ice
College of Engineering

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Post-award Services

Sponsored Programs Accounting, or SPA, provides fiscal administration services for grants and contracts funded from external sources for the purpose of research, and other creative and scholarly activities at K-State.

Fiscal administration services provided by SPA include invoicing and financial reporting to sponsors, review of expenditures for compliance with federal and other sponsor guidelines and regulations, monitoring of subawards, and maintenance of effort-reporting and cost- sharing systems.

Post Award Resources
Facilities and Administrative Cost Distribution

SPA is also responsible for preparing the Facilities and Administrative Cost Rate proposal for the federal government.

The following are percentages provided by SPA and are used to distribute the overhead generated from project expenditures.

Research, Instruction and Public Service: EES (ERGP) FY18 and beyond distribution rates
Distribute to:Percent
Department(s) 28.7
EES (ERGP) 14.8
Research: All engineering centers (IER, AMI, KIES, CHSR and NGML)*
Distribute to:Percent
Center(s) 43.5
EES (ERGP) 0.0

*In FY18, IER, AMI, KIES, CHSR and NGML will receive all 43.5% of the SRO distributed to the COE by the VPR. For FY19 and beyond, no decisions have been made at this time.