Tenure-Track Faculty Network

The Carl R. Ice College of Engineering is committed to assisting tenure-track faculty as they begin and develop specific areas of research. The Tenure-Track Faculty Network began in the fall of 2012 to provide a platform for information dissemination and exchange for faculty as they work to secure external funding and develop a research program.

The Tenure-Track Faculty Network meets monthly to discuss many topics including the following:

  • best practices for securing funding from federal agencies and industrial partners
  • interacting effectively with federal program directors
  • how to package research ideas for sponsors
  • research support processes and procedures at K-State
  • effectively managing graduate students
  • developing collaborative research activities
  • learning from reviews of proposals and papers
  • how to publish in order to advance their research reputation
  • tenure timeline and advice from senior administrators

Engineering Research and Graduate Programs staff provides workshops and one-on-one meetings for new faculty on funding search tools and best practices for proposal writing.

Additionally, the college sponsors an annual trip to Washington D.C. and the National Science Foundation for tenure-track faculty to meet with program managers at NSF and other agencies. These interactions create additional opportunities for faculty to participate on review panels and interact with colleagues worldwide.