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Carl R. Ice College of Engineering

Carl R. Ice
College of Engineering

1046 Rathbone Hall
1701B Platt St.
Manhattan, KS 66506

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Undergraduate Research

The Carl R. Ice College of Engineering administrators, faculty and staff want our undergraduate students to have a chance to be part of the research activities across the college. These opportunities include working with world-class faculty and graduate students in top-notch laboratories on cutting-edge research challenges.

Activities in undergraduate research and creative inquiry help undergraduate students in the following areas:

  • Extend the learning experience beyond the traditional classroom setting, enhancing the overall experience within the major
  • Stimulate additional problem-solving, critical-thinking and personal-reflection skills
  • Encourage students to develop communication skills and investigative methods
  • Provide more real-world experiences, increasing student interest and creating a more effective environment for learning some aspects of a discipline
  • Promote participation in the continuum of learning — expanding the integration of general education and major-specific educational activities

K-State engineering representatives are working with the university-level Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry to advance experiences for our undergraduate students.

The college has programs to help provide support of undergraduate research and creative inquiry activities. Current programs include scholarshipsundergraduate research showcases and department coordinated undergraduate research funding.