Revised January 1997

PREAMBLE Having recognized the need for a society of seniors in the College of Engineering. . .

to lead in political, social, and professional activities; to encourage underclass participation in activities promoting engineering; to provide recognition of outstanding effort and accomplishment; and to promote the best interests of the College of Engineering. . .

we, the members of Steel Ring Professional Engineering Honor Society, have taken as our purpose of this need, and do hereby band ourselves together under the following constitution.

ARTICLE I: Title and Insignia

  • Section 1. The name of the society shall be "Steel Ring Professional Engineering Honor Society."
  • Section 2. The color of this society shall be kelly green. Section 3. The symbol of this society shall be the key described in ritual.
  • Section 4. Other insignia shall be as described in the ritual.

ARTICLE II: Officers and Faculty Advisor of the Chapter

  • Section 1. The officers of the chapter shall consist of a president, vice president, secretary, and a treasurer.
  • Section 2. The chapter shall have one (1) faculty advisor and one (1) assistant advisor if desired, who are on the active faculty of the College of Engineering. The faculty advisors are chosen every year by a majority vote of the active membership.
  • Section 3. Officers shall be elected by ballot in order listed in Section 1 at the first meeting in May. New officers will assume their duties immediately after the election of all officers.

ARTICLE III: Duties of Officers

  • Section 1. The president shall preside at all meetings and fulfill duties usually pertaining to this office.
  • Section 2. The vice president shall preside in the absence of the president, and serve as the engineering representative on the University Open House Council.
  • Section 3. The secretary shall keep the minutes of all business meetings of the chapter.
  • Section 4. The treasurer shall keep an accurate account of all financial matters. He/She shall receive the dues and other funds of the chapter and shall personally discharge all disbursements.

ARTICLE IV: Eligibility and Selection of Active Members

  • Section 1. All students who are ranked as second semester juniors, or are ranked higher but will not be graduating until May, August, or December of the coming year, and are enrolled in one of the curriculum in the College of Engineering shall be eligible for active membership in the Steel Ring Professional Engineering Honor Society.
  • Section 2. Students who are selected for active membership in this society shall possess leadership, scholarship, social compatibility, and shall have at least a 2.5 grade point average based on a 4.0 scale.
  • Section 3. Selection of active members shall be held annually on or about the first week of April, however, additional members may be selected at any time if the active members so desire.
  • Section 4. Membership shall be fixed at approximately twenty-four (24) active members with a minimum of one (1) and a maximum of four (4) eligible students for each department of the College of Engineering and the term of active membership shall be one (1) year.
  • Section 5. All candidates shall be scholastically eligible as determined by a list obtained from the proper college authority prior to each selection.
  • Section 6. Nomination of students of eligible standing will be made by department head, professional societies, and by active members. The students thus nominated will be discussed as to their qualifications by the active chapter. Then, by general consensus, the actives shall select their successors.

ARTICLE V: Honorary Members and Alumni Members

  • Section 1. The chapter may, if it so desires, elect one honorary member in the spring term each year, but such action is not required.
  • Section 2. Honorary members must have a degree in Engineering and must be a member of the active faculty at the home of the chapter.
  • Section 3. Alumni members shall consist of former active members.

ARTICLE VI: Amendments to the Constitution

  • Section 1. Amendments to the constitution will require approval of three-fourths (3/4) of the active voting chapter.

ARTICLE VII: Society By-Laws

  • Section 1. A quorum for regular business shall consist of one-half (1/2) of the active members of the chapter. A quorum for election of officers and selection of members shall consist of three-fourths (3/4) of the active members of the chapter.
  • Section 2. The initiation shall be performed in accordance with the ritual of the society.
  • Section 3. There shall be an initiation fee for each new member, the exact amount to be determined by the active chapter by March 1. Prior to the selection of the new membership, the exact amount of the initiation fee must be determined by the current membership and made available to the potential candidates.
  • Section 4. The chapter shall order shingles and keys for individual members. This cost is to be borne by the chapter from the assessed initiation fee.
  • Section 5. Special assessments may be levied at any regular meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the chapter.
  • Section 6. The chair shall be allowed to cast a tie-breaking vote.
  • Section 7. The attendance policy for active members will be defined as follows:
    • A member is allowed one (1) unexcused absence per semester and three (3) excused absences per semester.
    • An excused absence is defined as a direct school related conflict (i.e. tests, plant trips, etc.), medical reason, or another personal matter requiring a members immediate attention.
    • Attendance is defined as being present for the entire meeting. Advance notice of absence is required.
    • Three (3) unexcused tardies shall constitute one (1) unexcused absence. A tardy is defined as arriving after the member’s name has been called during roll call.
    • Any member exceeding either absence limit will have a mandatory conference with the executive board and advisor. The executive board and advisor will retain the power to make individual judgments and if deemed necessary, may bring the individual’s membership rights to a vote of the entire society.
    • A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote will be required to terminate membership.