Past Themes

2019: Let the Games Begin

2018: Engineer Your Own Adventure

2017: Engineered to Inspire

2016: Purple Today for a Green Tomorrow

2015: Expand Your Possibilities

2014: Build Your Creativity

2013: Empowering Students to Impact Our Future

2012: The Legend lives on

2011: Pushing the Limits

2010: Question the past, Power the future

2009: Engineering a World of Possibilities

2008: Today’s Ideas, Tomorrow’s Reality

2007: Engineering: Better, Smarter, Faster, Stronger

2006: Path of Innovation

2005: Reinventing Reality

2004: Making Tomorrow Possible

2003: Turning Potential into Performance


2001: Designed to Outwit, Outplay, Outlast

2000: Gateway to the Millennium

1999: Deriving the Future by Integrating the Past

1998: Today’s Dream, Tomorrow’s Reality

1997: Gateway to the Future

1996: A World Without Boundaries

1995: Unleash the Potential

1994: Engineering Evolution: Fire to Fusion

1993: Imagineering: Realizing a Vision

1992: Engineering Expedition: Preserving our Planet

1991: Engineering Odyssey: 1991 and Beyond

1990: Nineties Engineering: A Decade for Advancement