B.S. in Computer Science

Program Overview

Computer science studies the design of computational devices and processes, the transfer and transformation of information, and techniques for making processes efficient and intelligence. The field is both creative and scientific, ranging from the study of theoretical algorithms to the practical problems of designing and implementing software.

Program accreditation

Formal options

Computer science — cybersecurity
Coursework focuses on computer science as it relates to the protection of computer systems.

Computer science — entrepreneurship
Blend your passion for computer science with your desire to innovate by developing your entrepreneurial skills through business courses.

Other areas of emphasis
Undergraduate students can choose from many areas of emphasis including software engineering, cybersecurity, data science, internet of things and cyberphysical systems, multimedia and graphics technology, networks and mobile computing, parallel and distributed computing, enterprise information systems, computer science theory and
real-time embedded systems.

Academic areas graphic for computer science

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Concurrent B.S./MBA

This dual degree offers students a graduate degree from the business college as well as an educational foundation in computer science — both in five years.

Make an impact

Computer scientists work to solve problems by developing new technologies, systems and computer-based solutions.

Computer scientists are in high demand to advance the world by —

  • protecting the nation’s infrastructure from cyber threats.
  • developing artificial intelligence.
  • creating mobile applications for new operating systems.
  • utilizing technology/big data to find solutions for complex problems.
  • becoming innovative business leaders.
97% career placement
$68,406 average starting salary

Career opportunities

Computer science graduates pursue careers as —

  • system programmers
  • software developers
  • network engineers
  • web developers
  • systems analysts
  • IT directors
  • technical managers
  • app developers


Many internships and co-ops are available to computer science students that offer valuable professional experiences and contacts in the industry before graduation.

K-State computer science alumni live in 47 states and 36 countries.

Map of computer science alumni

Career placement and salary data provided by the K-State Career Center. Career placement includes K-State computer science graduates who are employed or enrolled in graduate or professional schools within six months of graduation.